About Us

For greater connection between people, animals and nature

We believe that we are connected to everything. For most of our existence, we humans have been very close to nature. We lived as hunters and gatherers, integrated into the rhythms of our environment.

It was vital to feel connected to nature and to understand the language of the forest and the animals.

Our vision is that we can once again experience this feeling of connection between people, animals and nature and that the earth will thus develop into a more peaceful place.

Because when you feel this connection, you no longer feel alone and act in harmony with life on earth.

That's why we only develop regenerative products that are biodegradable, support the health of you and your dog and do not harm nature.

At Wolfsgeschwister you can be sure that you will receive high-quality, durable and ecologically sustainable products without harmful dyes and finishes. In order to meet our high quality standards, we produce ourselves and cooperate exclusively with selected and audited suppliers who we trust 100%.

In addition, we support you and your dog holistically with our range of services to bring more joy and ease back into your life together.

If you want to find out more about our holistic dog care such as energetic treatments and mindfulness walks, where we approach each dog-human team lovingly and individually, or our Spiritual Dog Coaching, Digility and movement training in the mountains in Austria, click here: www.wolfsgeschwister.at

About Tina - Founder of Wolfsgeschwister

Dog sitter, animal energy therapist, spiritual dog coach

There are dogs that come into our lives to change them completely .

Kimba was one such dog. When I met her, I was in my early 20s, new to a big city and controlled by patterns of fear that I had picked up from my environment since childhood. I just didn't realize it at the time. I was trapped in a world where I believed I had to work hard to get appreciation, recognition and love. I was so concerned with fulfilling my roles to please others that I lost myself in the process.

Kimba reminded me who I really am, why I am here and why life often seemed so difficult and unfair.

Our story is an inspiration for all those who long for more joy and lightness in life and who feel that we have more in common with our dogs than we can comprehend with our minds.

As a textile engineer, I spent several years looking for fulfillment in the business world and although they were wonderful years, I always felt that I didn't belong there. Kimba, with her incomparable dignity, always encouraged me to go my own way. Through her, different people came into my life, seemingly by chance, who supported me on this path. Our journey took me from holistic dog trainer training to animal naturopath training to many other seminars, workshops and further training courses that connected me more and more with myself, the animals and nature.

Kimba was always my role model for joy and lightness of life.

On July 21, 2021, our earthly paths separated, but in my heart she is always with me and lives on in Wolfsgeschwister.

Thanks for everything Kimba!