For nature

Wolfsgeschwister connects people, animals and nature. That is why we feel obliged to only develop products in harmony with Mother Earth.

Five subject areas form the basis of our production philosophy:

1. Regenerative Sustainability

2. Natural resources

3. Sustainable design strategy

4. Animal welfare

5. Social responsibility


1. Regenerative Sustainability

    For us, sustainability means not only using materials that have been produced in an environmentally friendly way, but also developing products that give something back to nature.

    For example, our dog coat “Pelerine” and our hand-felted toys are designed to be 100% biodegradable and thus can be given new life after their use.

    This biological cycle includes materials that are healthy and compostable. At the end of their use as a biological nutrient base, they enable new organic growth.

    That's why we also use organic cotton thread for the seams and only buttons made from natural materials such as wood or corozo.

    EM ceramics are an exception. Although ceramics are made from natural raw materials, they cannot rot after the firing process.

      2. Natural resources

        Wherever possible, we use natural materials in our products. This is the only way that the majority of our products enter the biological cycle after their use phase.

        We use organic cotton

        Reduction of artificial irrigation

        • No use of genetically modified seeds
        • Innovative cultivation methods with sensible crop rotation
        • Fair working conditions throughout the entire manufacturing process
        • Purchase and price guarantees for farmers
        • No use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers during cultivation and processing

        We use virgin wool from controlled organic regional farming

        • Species-appropriate animal husbandry according to the guidelines for organic farming
        • No feeding of genetically modified plants
        • Prohibition of mulesing
        At Wolfsgeschwister you won't find any products made from recycled PES. Why?
        • Antimony is released during shredding for the recycling process. This is suspected to be carcinogenic
        • Partly high energy processing process
        • Microplastics are created

          3. Sustainable design strategy

            For us, developing for nature means even more

              • Repairable

                We are working on a repair concept for our clothing

                • Durable

                We pay attention to the highest quality in material selection and processing in order to develop long-lasting products.

                  • Cradle to Cradle

                    We produce recyclable products when it is technically possible and seems sensible to us.

                      4. Animal welfare

                        Because we not only love dogs, but also care about every living creature, we do not use any products that are the result of animal suffering.

                        • Our wool products are made from 100% new wool from shepherds in Austria and Germany. All wool products are guaranteed mulesing-free
                        • The wool comes from grazing animals and is produced when the shepherd shears the sheep each year.
                        • And of course you won’t find any products in the Wolfsgeschwister shop that have been tested on animals.

                        5. Social responsibility

                          All products in the shop were manufactured under fair working conditions in Austria in order to keep transport routes as short as possible.

                          • Our felt products are handmade in Salzburg
                          • The clothing is produced in cooperation with a manufacturer in the Salzburg region and secures jobs in the region.
                          • We work almost exclusively with single source and attach great importance to a trusting and stable relationship with our suppliers and producers.

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