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Bella's Pelerine & Artemis Cape in a bundle

Bella's Pelerine & Artemis Cape in a bundle

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Bella's Pelerine & Artemis Cape in a bundle

In a matching look with your darling!

Do you feel the connection with your four-legged companion? Wrapped in the cozy, warm natural fabrics, you are not only one with nature, but by wearing the same fabrics you also feel the deep connection to your dog and can show it to the world!

Made from high-quality Austrian loden, a traditional material with a long history, our products offer you and your dog an incomparable feeling of luxury and comfort. Loden is characterized by natural water and dirt repellency and reliably protects you in various weather conditions.
The cape has a generous hood and if it gets too warm during the walk, you can also let the cape hang over your shoulders.

Please base your decision on the size of your dog.

On demand production: delivery time approx. 6 to 8 weeks

Natural properties of Loden:

  • The dense surface and natural fat content of the wool ensure good waterproofing. Depending on the intensity of the rain, you can spend several hours in the wet with our products.

  • The matted surface of the loden shrinks when it is fulled. This process bonds the fibers together to form a structure that is wind-resistant.

  • The dense surface texture of the loden and the natural structure of wool fibers, which consist of up to 85% air, ensure that body heat is not lost to the environment. This layer of air insulates and keeps you and your dog nice and warm.

  • Wool has the great ability to neutralize odors. Synthetic fibers usually have to be washed after being worn once. With loden, simply airing it out is enough to get sweat and the like out of the fibers.


    • 100% virgin wool
    • Seams made of organic cotton
    • Buttons made of wood and horn

    Care instructions

    In most cases, dirt, pilling and dog hair can be removed with a simple clothing brush. Odors will disappear immediately if you hang the coat out in the fresh air for 1 to 2 hours.

    You can treat stubborn stains yourself with lanolin soap or take them to a specialist.

    Attention: Loden must not be put in the washing machine or dryer.



    Care instructions

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