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Cleopatra's dream place

Cleopatra's dream place

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Cleopatra's dream place

Our dream place for all those who would like to let their four-legged friend sleep close to them.

Cleopatra's dream place is designed as an extra bed and has an additional bench that makes it easy for your dog to get in. The open side is close to your bed, the other sides safely frame your dog while sleeping. The bed is made of 100% untreated pine wood from Austria.

The scent of the stone pine demonstrably reduces the number of heartbeats and thus enables a peaceful, restful sleep.

You can also use Kimba's wellness bed as a topper, which additionally supports the health-preserving effect with spelt husks and pine shavings.


  • 100% Swiss stone pine from Austria
  • no screws or nails that can hurt your dog
  • without toxic paints

Available sizes:

Width 70 cm, length 100 cm, height 52 cm

Other sizes available on request!



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